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A while back (ok, a LONG time ago, 7 months – this post is way overdue), I had the opportunity to travel to Xi’an when my mother-in-law came to see China.  Regardless if you have heard of Xi’an or not, you definitely know about it.  The discovery of the Terracotta Army in 1974 by a farmer drilling a water well is one of the largest archeological discoveries in the world.

Xi’an is a beautiful city that blends the ancient world with the modern.  It is the historic old capital of China as well as a modern, brightly lit, fun city.  My brother, who was also in China by chance for a conference was able to meet my MIL and me in Xi’an.

The main attraction is, of course, the Terracotta Warriors.  It is truly a site to see.

Terracotta Army

To be honest, pictures do not give justice to place.   It’s hard to understand the vastness of this one building until you have seen it for yourself.

I’ve heard it said that each warrior is a unique sculpture modeled after a real soldier.  In general I can’t agree or disagree because I’m not an archeologist working on the site. While scanning though my images, they all look “real” enough and everyone seems different from those around them – until I saw THIS GUY….

Stretch Wangstrong (Pronounced “Wongstrong”)

We all know the Chinese are a skinny bunch (with all the oil they put into ALL OF THE FOOD, I don’t know how).  But THIS GUY, really?  He’s got proportions 3 times worse than Barbie.  Figure it this way – with armor and clothing on, his waist is maybe 6 to 8 inches across.  I’m pretty sure that no human with such an unproportional body could survive – let along be a soldier.  By the position of his hands I guess he was a horse driver of some sort?  (Suggestions are welcome!)  Not to mention, I think his arms reach clear to where his knees should be…  Was there some strange stretching torture device in the ancient Chinese military?  Perhaps – after seeing this guy.  I will call him “Stretch WangStrong.”

I know – it sounds terrible in English… But Wang is one of the most popular Family Names in China.  (and FYI, it’s actually pronounced the same as WONG.  The ‘A’ in this case sounds like an ‘O’ as in “gong”.

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