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I understand that some people chose the non-traditional wedding, getting married on top of a live volcano, on a roller coaster, or while sky-diving.   I can even understand that some brides want a fairy-tale-princess-wedding in Disney Land….  But this one is really tacky.  I filmed it from our hotel room at the Shangri-La in Qingdao, China.

I’m trying to find good/funny background music for it.  Suggestions are welcomed!!

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Nice Pants

Sweet outfit dude. Next time wear your pink boxers under your creepy zebra pants.



This can't be that comfortable.

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It’s a long overdue post, as usual, sorry.

It’s now half-way through January, but I wanted to keep my passionate loyal readers on edge for an exciting new story!

My brother arrived from South Korea on December 23.  He is doing research for his PhD in Electrical Engineering at university in Suwon, South Korea(Brother, please post the name – it has at least 20 letters and I can’t ever remember it!).  (Don’t ask me about it – he’s much smarter than I am!)  I took a ‘Company’ driver to Qingdao to meet him at the airport.  Seriously, the only thing worse than flying to your destination, is PICKING UP someone who is flying.  I always assume the flights in China will be late.  Since we’ve been here in September only 1 out of 8 of my flights were actually on time.  Point being, my brother’s flight was late, and we arrived much too early at the airport for my taste.  By the time we left the airport, it was dark… Brother asked what was ‘out’ there along the highway to Haiyang…. farms… farms… farm…   …   …   …  Eventually we arrived at the expat village and got into our place.  Husband had a managerial phone call that night, but that didn’t stop Brother from turning on the XBox and starting his video games….   I said, “ahhhhh….. just like HOME!!!!”.  That was the point.  I wanted to have Christmas as much like HOME as it could be – for all 3 of us.  I know our families suffer with our absence as well – but they have a much larger support system.  We have other expatriate friends here, but family is not something you can replace.  Brother was able to come, and because he is ridiculously similar to Husband’s younger brother, he sorta played two roles… BOTH of our younger brothers.

Christmas weekend was pretty uneventful.  All I wanted was to have the two most important men in my life to rest and enjoy themselves in a way that felt like home in Pittsburgh.  I’m pretty sure they did just that.  Basically I spent 12 hours a day on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in what is (kind of) a kitchen… and they played XBox and watched movies.  To me this was perfect.  They were happy and I was able to provide them some sort of “home feeling”.

Brother and Husband enjoying Christmas

Our Christmas Tree – purchased from Metro in Qingdao…

Chinese-bought Christmas Tree

Chinese-bought Christmas Tree

This was our Christmas dinner.  Some of the sides were leftovers from Christmas Eve, but still tasted good.  We had a leg of lamb, potato salad, leftover Boulder Chicken (Husband’s favorite), salad, veggies and spinach-artichoke dip, pineapple, and Champaign.  I can’t ever reproduce what my Mom and Grandma, or what Husband’s Mother can do, but with the limited resources in China, I think I did a pretty acceptable job!  Further, I KNOW that Husband and Brother appreciated it!  🙂   And THAT was all I wanted!

Christimas Dinner

Christmas Dinner

After Christmas, the three of us went to Qingdao for two nights.  Personally, I knew I needed a few days to rest from the hours and hours in the kitchen!  While here, we toured the Qingdao Beer Museum.

 Brother and Husband at Qingdao beer museum

Brother and Husband at Qingdao beer museum

For New Years, we all went to Shanghai.  I figured there was no better place to get a taste of the West than Shanghai.  We stayed at a hotel in the French Concession area – which I had heard about, but never seen.  It was awesome, a good mix of East meets West.

We managed to eat dinner one night at M on the Bund – this place has one of the best views of the Pudong District of Shanghai.


Husband and Brother at M on the Bund


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